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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Closures and Openings

Good morning...is it?  The wet, chilly day has its own pleasantries.  There are so many things to do inside, especially with the holiday season upon us.  But today I'm doing art, first and foremost finishing that linen-to-leather book I began last week in Kathy Steinsberger's studio.

If you were one of those who advised me on closures, thank you!  I might have to return to that photo disclaimer to explain that two of you chose #1 (the egret front and back), as did another of you, my sister-in-law Susan, who, however, was lucky enough to see the book itself and changed her mind. She explained that in the photo, the egret and the button look the best, but in person, the copper closure seemed to fit the cover perfectly; it was a matter of color not quite translated by the photograph.  Sorry about that.

never-ending story
I'd already decided on the copper myself, though I was leaning toward the green button pair as well, which suited it but seemed...well, too safe.  And so this morning, I found just the right ribbon.

The closure fell into place in another way, too.  Instead of the sketchbook I envisioned for myself, I saw its potential as a gift to go along with a box of children's books I'm sending for the holidays.  (Shhh...don't tell!)  This book, with all those empty pages, will be a place for the recipients to write their own stories, each signature opening to its own imaginative possibilities.  I'm really pleased about it, and hope it encourages storytelling as a gift to be continued lifelong.


Speaking of openings,this morning's mail notified me that two of my art pieces have been juried in to the Carrboro Arts Center's Annual Community Art Exhibit.  You've seen them before in this blog:

elements of the earth
side curl

The reception will be Friday evening, during Carrboro Art Walk.  Hope you all can come!

And hope you find something to close and open (in a good way) today.  

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  1. Congratulations!!! A juried exhibit!!
    And the closure looks beautiful, as I knew it would, no matter what piece you chose
    Blessings of the season to you!