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Monday, April 15, 2019

Thinking of you

Orchid Ball, by Jim Langdon

15 April, a brisk morning
                                            for Michael

Last time, decades ago

but after days of rain, overnight
wind sweeps across to change
the nature of everything

                                    I open
the kitchen door to a brash awakening
catching its refreshing candor

walk the yard, gather its leavings
count new buds on the lilacs
I transplanted before I knew
you would appear
                               and die again

Still, you grow with us
the striking black branch of dogwoods
      whitening hair glorious
against new-washed blue
between gusts, the wink of a neighbor’s 
azaleas, magenta and pink 
                    as babies’ bottoms
          barely out of their pods

I wonder what you think of us
enmeshed here in a landscape
                                    of dreams
ears tuned to every sound as ground
our resolute trust 
                  ...caution to the winds!...

listening, season by season, for
                               your re-emerging song

                                                love, Mom
04 15 19